Aluminum Pieces

Model Product Image Item Name Price
100617 Banana Leaf Tray, Aluminum

Banana Leaf Tray, Aluminum

Aluminum Banana Leaf Tray


100616 Napkin Caddy - Dinner Napkin

Napkin Caddy - Dinner Napkin

Dinner napkin caddy comes with a Fleur Dis Lis and flower weight. Use for dinner napkins or in the bathroom for hand towels. The sand cast aluminum...


101202 Square Tray, Beaded

Square Tray, Beaded

Beaded Square Tray


100904 Spreader Knife - Aluminum Modern Square

Spreader Knife - Aluminum Modern Square

These lovely spreaders will look great on any appetizer dish. Clean and simple modern square design. Set of 3.


100900 Spreader Knife - Beaded

Spreader Knife - Beaded

Spreader - Beaded


100162 Salad Servers - Aluminum Beaded

Salad Servers - Aluminum Beaded

These lovely salad servers will look great in any salad bowl. Can also be used for serving pieces. Timelessly flexible, these salad servers in the...


101072 Cake Stand - Aluminum - 13" Fluted

Cake Stand - Aluminum - 13" Fluted

This beautiful cake stand can also be used to serve appetizers, fruit, etc. and will make your table shine. The sand cast aluminum process adds a...