Model Product Image Item Name Price
127072 Cat Paw Match Box Emery Boards

Cat Paw Match Box Emery Boards

Keep your claws keen with this set of cat patterned emery boards. Great for travel in their quirky matchbox. 12 files per box.


150598 Cat Roll Massager

Cat Roll Massager

This rolling massager is perfect to pinpoint tired and stressed muscles on your back, arms and legs.


127071 Copper Fish Nail Clippers

Copper Fish Nail Clippers

Be well groomed on land or at sea with these clever fish-shaped nail clippers.


137072 Iridescent Head Massager

Iridescent Head Massager



150629 Sleeping Mask Loading

Sleeping Mask Loading

Say it all without opening your eyes. This cushioned sleep mask has a soft lining and adjustable elastic band to block out light and help you sleep...


137076 Iridescent Back (and nose) Scratcher

Iridescent Back (and nose) Scratcher

Extendable handle to get those hard to reach itches.


131455 Mini Zipper Light

Mini Zipper Light

A beacon of bright LED safety for your coat or backpack. - Color Picked At Random - One Unit Per Quantity Ordered.


127106 Super Fan in Assorted Colors

Super Fan in Assorted Colors

-Sold In Assorted Colors -Color Picked At Random When Shipping -One Fan Per Quantity Added -Dimensions: W-2.2" x H-3.8" x L-0.9"


146135 Gentleman's Beard Kit

Gentleman's Beard Kit

Stay sharp and well-groomed. Includes double-sided pear wood beard comb, stainless steel trimming scissors and 10ml of beard oil in a portable,...