Model Product Image Item Name Price
108324 Lekue Pasta Cooker

Lekue Pasta Cooker

Pasta cooker is a new utensil to cook all types of pasta in the microwave.Time saver. No need to boil water first. Easy. Just follow the instructions...


108335 Lekue Omelet Cooker

Lekue Omelet Cooker

With Omelette, cook plain omelets in the microwave or add your favorite ingredients to have a light and tasteful omelet in just a wink of an eye....


108320 Lekue Rice Cooker

Lekue Rice Cooker

A very attractive rice cooker that allows you to cook rice in the microwave. Time saver. No need to boil water first.Clean. Thanks to its design,...


108334 Lekue Steam Case

Lekue Steam Case

The steam case with tray allows healthy steam cooking which maintains nutrients. The removable interior tray guarantees the liquids accumulated...


108319 Lekue Chocolate Fondue

Lekue Chocolate Fondue

A microwaveable Bain Marie - chocolate melts gently so it doesn’t burn. Ready in just a few minutes! Three different compartments for three different...


108331 Lekue Citrus Sprayer

Lekue Citrus Sprayer

Turn your citrus fruit into the freshest juice container! Spray directly from fruit to dress your recipes or aromatize your soft drinks and cocktails...


108344 Lekue Dolphin Ice Cubes

Lekue Dolphin Ice Cubes

Make drinking fun again with dolphin ice cubes! Add fruits or herbs to your fun shape ice cubes to spice up a cocktail or fruit punch. Hand wash....


108323 Lekue Mini Brownie

Lekue Mini Brownie

Silicone mold for baking 24 mini brownies which can be enjoyed in small amounts for dessert, with coffee or as an afternoon snack. - Small cavities...