Model Product Image Item Name Price
108270 RÍSLE Hook Ladle with pouring rim

RÍSLE Hook Ladle with pouring rim

With a choice of five different sizes and handle lengths this selection of ladles provides a made to measure solution for ladling and portioning....


108271 RÍSLE Round Handle Ladle with pouring rim

RÍSLE Round Handle Ladle with pouring rim

For ladling and portioning. With all round pouring rim for drip-free pouring.


108288 RÍSLE Balloon Whisk / Beater

RÍSLE Balloon Whisk / Beater

The robust handle in combination with flexible, densely positioned wires guarantees good results when whisking mixes of thick or semi-liquid...


108287 RÍSLE Egg Whisk

RÍSLE Egg Whisk

Wide spacing of the fine wires and a slender handle effortlessly produce light and airy results when whisking mixes of liquid or semi-liquid...


108289 RÍSLE Flat Whisk

RÍSLE Flat Whisk

The flat shape of the whisk is especially suitable for stirring small quantities and for folding ingredients in gently when working with delicate...


108281 RÍSLE Garlic Press

RÍSLE Garlic Press

Even unpeeled garlic cloves can be easily processed with the Garlic Press. A special leverage mechanism ensures that minimum effort is required. The...


108285 RÍSLE Gourmet Thermometer

RÍSLE Gourmet Thermometer

Features an illuminated digital temperature display and measures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit in a range from -40 ░C to +200 ░C/-40 ░F to +392 ░F....


108280 RÍSLE Potato Masher

RÍSLE Potato Masher

The distribution of perforations in the two armed Potato Masher is optimized for effortless work. The wide hand guard permits safe exertion of...


108276 RÍSLE Swivel Peeler Crosswise

RÍSLE Swivel Peeler Crosswise

The form of the peeler is ideal for peeling long, slender vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots or courgettes with skins of medium thickness....


108286 RÍSLE Twirl Whisk

RÍSLE Twirl Whisk

The flexible spiral shape facilitates airy beating of mixes reaching the base and all corners of the container and preventing unevenness in the mix....