Lekue Pasta Cooker


Pasta cooker is a new utensil to cook all types of pasta in the microwave.Time saver. No need to boil water first. Easy. Just follow the instructions on the pasta box. No need to break your spaghetti in half. Wash, cook and drain in the same vessel, the lid becomes the colander. Wide variety of pasta: spaghetti, short pasta, fresh pasta, noodles, etc.Dishwasher safe: Made in plastic and silicone 100% platinum.
*Please make note to use a towel or mitt to hold the pasta maker around the base when removing from the microwave and straining water to avoid the heat or hot water.
Number 7 is a large category that designates all the plastics which do not have a specific recycling protocol. The #7 category was designed as a catch-all for polycarbonate (PC) and “other” plastics, so reuse and recycling protocols are not standardized within this category. In this category, you find polycarbonates and also vegetable based plastics (p.e. corn) which do not contain BPA. The bottoms of most plastic bottles are imprinted with a number inside a small recycling triangle. Any product with BPA carries the number 7, but not all products with the number 7 have BPA as our products which are do not contain BPA. Our rice cooker and pasta cooker bases does not contain BPA."


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