Saute Pan w/ Lid, 5QT

Product Description


  • Ideal for use on any type of cooktop, including induction.
  • Oven and broiler safe to 600°F.


  • Wash pan before first use. 
  • Allow pan to cool prior to cleaning. 
  • Hand-wash to maintain pan's beauty. Rinse off excess food with warm water. Soak in warm soapy water, then wash with sponge or soft cloth. Use nylon scouring pad for more difficult cleaning. Rinse with warm water and dry immediately to prevent spotting.
  • Some stains and stuck-on food may take more effort to remove. 
  • To remove discoloration like blue or rainbow coloring, use soft cloth or sponge to wipe pan with white vinegar. 
  • To remove cloudy-white hard water spots, boil solution of 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water in pan.
  • To remove burnt food, sprinkle surface generously with baking soda, add water and bring to a boil. Use wooden spoon to loosen food particles from surface. 
  • To remove tough-to-clean spots or marks like burnt fat, protein shadows and charred food, clean with non-abrasive, non-chlorine cleanser, like All-Clad cookware cleaner, Bar Keepers Friend or Bon Ami. Mix cookware cleanser and small amount of water to form paste. Use soft cloth or sponge to apply paste, rubbing in circular motion. Rinse with warm water and dry immediately. Repeat if necessary, allowing paste to soak on pan before scrubbing.
  • Avoid using oven cleaners, steel wool, steel scouring pads, harsh detergents and detergents containing chlorine bleach, which can cause damage. 
  • Use nylon scrubbing pads only on stainless-steel surfaces; do not use on nonstick surfaces. Never place hot pan under cold water, as this can cause warping. 
  • With the exception of preheating, empty pan should not be left on hot burner, as this can cause damage.
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